Chocolate Factory

In this activity children are asked to work out a recipe for a new chocolate bar.


Many children will have seen the  film of  'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', the theme for this activity. Children are asked to work out a recipe for a new chocolate bar.  In particular, how can they get solid biscuits, raisins and silver balls to stay solid when chocolate needs to melt to make a bar of the right shape? Children further apply their knowledge and understanding of solids, liquids, melting and solidifying by working out how to make a solid cake with a liquid sauce in an extension activity.

Learning Objective:

-    That some changes can be reversed 

Children will demonstrate this by creating a recipe for a chocolate bar that requires the melting and solidifying of chocolate

Extension Activity

-    That some changes cannot be reversed, and classify changes in this way.  

-    To use knowledge about some reversible and irreversible changes to make simple predictions about whether other changes are reversible or not.

Children will make predictions orally - and possibly in writing - and use their knowledge to create a recipe for a solid chocolate cake and liquid chocolate sauce.

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These resources were initially developed in partnership with the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.