​The ASE Science swap shop is full of shared ideas for activities for each age range (Age 5-11). These ones focus on Famous Scientists.

Ages 3-5

  • Florence Nightengale - Hand hygiene in preventing the spread of germs 
  • Charles Darwin - Encourage children to create their own fossils

Ages 5-7

  • Caroline Herschel – Learn what a comet is and make a model comet
  • Nicolaus Copernicus – Helps Children to visualise movements of the Sun, Moon and Earth

Ages 7-9

  • Galileo Galilei – How fast does it fall?
  • Leonardo da Vinci - Try mirror writing. Is it easier or harder then you expected?

Ages 9-11

  • Isaac Newton – Investigate the theory of light
  • Isaac Newton – Make a film canister rocket
Science Swap Shop

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