School Science Review

SSR (School Science Review) is the ASE journal for 11-19 members and those with access to library membership. Articles are aimed at those working in 11-19 science education both in the UK and internationally, including new and experienced teachers, teacher trainees, teacher educators, school leaders and Heads of Department, advisers, consultants and technicians.  It is now published termly, in October, February and June and comprises two parts:

SSR in Practice (available on paper and online) and SSR in Depth (online only). SSR in Practice is a magazine-style, professionally reviewed journal focusing on science education in the classroom, and aims to provide CPD for both readers and contributors, drawing on the expertise of the whole ASE community and wider science education network. Largely commissioned and curated by the Commissioning Editor, SSR in Practice is actively supported by several national ASE committees (11-19, Technician, Research and Health & Safety).

SSR in Depth, published simultaneously with SSR in Practice, is the ASE’s academically peer-reviewed journal for 11-19 science education and features longer articles, often research-based, and more detailed and advanced science notes. The same supportive approach towards authors from the editorial team applies, with new writers for SSR in Depth continuing to be welcomed. Articles referencing, or expanding upon articles in, SSR in Practice ensure that both parts of the new-look SSR are relevant to all readers.


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