Wet World

In this activity children consolidate their understanding of the water cycle through discussion and decision making.


Extreme weather conditions are in the news every summer, whether too wet or too hot. The question is are these isolated incidences, or is there a connection with global warming?  The weather has always varied a lot from year to year, so it’s difficult to decide. However, scientists predict that global warming will increase the volume of water that is evaporated and condensed each year which could make both floods and droughts more common. This is the context for a series of discussion, decision-making, numeracy and literacy activities aimed at consolidating understanding of the water cycle.

Learning Objective

  • To interpret the water cycle in terms of the processes involved e.g. evaporation, condensation

Children will learn

  • To use their knowledge of the water cycle to explore ‘what if’ questions about possible causes of increased rainfall.
  • To analyse rainfall data from the last ten years and judge whether or not there is an overall trend in the data.
  • To display their creativity.
Primary upd8

These resources were initially developed in partnership with the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.