Trustee Body

Responsibilities and role of the Trustee Body

The Trustee Body has responsibility for ensuring that ASE works properly as a charity, that the finances are properly regulated and monitored and the appropriate policies are in place. The trustees makes sure that the activities of the Association fit with the strategic plan and takes a long view of the health of the Association. The trustees meets 3 times a year and consists of 11 member trustees including:

  • ASE chair, 3 members elected from Education Group, 3 members elected by direct membership vote, 1 representative of the Quality and Audit (Q&A) Committee, 3 appointed members, Chief Executive (in attendance)

    Members of the Trustee Body

     A member serves as a Trustee for 3 years. 

    Prof Janice Griffiths - CSciTeachChair of the Association - Trustee
    Mrs Mary Whitehouse - CSciTeachImmediate past Chair of the Association - Trustee
    Mr Simon Quinnell - CSciTeachChair Elect of the Association - Observer
    Mr Richard Needham - CSciTeachChair of Trustee Body 2014/7 - 2020
    Mr Bryan BerryAppointed Trustee
    Mrs Alison Redmore - CSciTeachTrustee Elected by membership
    Mr Pete Robinson - CSciTeachTrustee elected by Membership
    Mrs Helen RobertsAppointed Trustee
    Ms Margaret Fleming CSciTeachTrustee representing Education Group
    Mr Roger McCune MBEAppointed Trustee - Association Treasurer
    Mrs Hannah RussellCEO- Observer
    Dr Dennis SuttonQ & A Observer
    Mr Stephen FylesAccountant - Obeserver
    Mrs Suzanne DickinsonHQ Admin - minute taker
    Mr Graham KingsleyFor information purposes only (Q & A)
    Mr Alan RhodesFor information purposes only (Q & A)