Why join? Advocacy...

"ASE is very important in terms of advocacy for science education, and over the years, I've joined committees and had conversations with people and seen the outcomes of those conversations take part in government policy and make a change nationally to how our science education is run."

ASE Member

As a membership organisation, one of the key roles of the Association for Science Education is to advocate with policymakers and implementors on behalf of our members, providing a critical conduit through which science educators can represent their views to those in power - and the more members we have, the louder our voice.   

We often do this through providing Association responses to government consultations, often at the specific request of the relevant authority. A recents examples involve interventions around the ITT Market review and post-Covid reintroduction of practical assessments in Scotland. Our responses are always guided by a principle of collectivity - with membership views being canvassed both generally, and through the specific member-led committees that represent the relevant interested parties. 

Another key aspect of our advocacy roles comes with our work with the other learned societies. Together with the Institute of PhysicsRoyal SocietyRoyal Society of Biology and Royal Society of Chemistry, we form a partnership to promote high-quality science education in schools called the Education Policy Alliance. As part of this group, we provide guidance and advice to those who make policy decisions about science education and advocate evidence-informed science education policy. Our collective belief is that science education should prepare present and future citizens for modern society, stimulate interest in the further study of the sciences and educate the next generation of science-based professionals. 

A third strand of our work in representing our membership can be found in various specific projects we work on, often with the likes of The Gatsby Foundation or the Wellcome Trust, on various issues that the science education community faces. For example, we have a key role in promoting the benefits of schools having a cohesive Good Practical Science policy, while through our ongoing Science Teacher: SOS project we are working to address problems around science teacher retention....

Helps shape science education policy

Share your valuable experience and insights to shape science education policy and developments at the highest level, actively contributing to the Association for Science Education's advocacy efforts on behalf of its members and the wider community of science educators.

Steer the direction of the association

Become an influential force within the association by joining committees, enabling you to actively steer the direction of the ASE and contribute to shaping our science education policy and initiatives.

Share your knowledge

Contribute your specialist knowledge and hard-won experience to help expand our institutional expertise, fostering potential career opportunities while making a lasting impact on the association and the field of science education as a whole.