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“When I was an NQT, whenever I was struggling for inspiration for a particular lesson, or simply just running short of time, one of first places I’d check out is the ASE website. There’s usually something there that I could use or adapt, and as it was from the ASE I knew it had been checked and I could trust it.”

ASE Member

One of the most popular benefits of ASE membership is our ongoing provision of professional development opportunities. We know that staying up to date with developments in the science education field is of utmost importance to help shape future generations of scientists, which is why our CPD events are led by experts in the field to give our members the highest quality of learning.

The professional development opportunities members broadly fall into two categories: events ranging from face-to-face events to online webinars that help members advance specific skills and journals that help the science education community keep their finger on the pulse of emerging issues and developments.

In the former category, a great example are our series of webinars which were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to help educators gain clarity in unprecedented times. Another example is our ever-popular Annual Conference which brings the community together for an extensive series of conferences on hot button topics in the science education field. In the latter category, our extensive collection of journals bring together articles and emerging research to help educators stay up to date with the latest trends and issues in the field.

Every event we host has been created in collaboration with leading experts on topics across all areas of science education, so you can be confident that you are receiving the highest level of training to help you further your career.

Exchange ideas with peers at our events

Gain valuable insights from experts and foster idea exchange among peers at our extensive array of digital and face-to-face events, allowing you to stay abreast with the latest science education pedagogy, no matter where you're based.

Journals and exclusive digital output

Stay updated on current pedagogical thinking and science education news through our journals and exclusive digital content, ensuring you remain informed and connected with the latest advancements and insights in the field.

Expert-led CPD courses and webinars

Enhance your classroom practice through our expert-led CPD courses and webinars, designed to provide targeted professional development opportunities that empower you with effective strategies and techniques for impactful teaching and learning.

Enhance your career with professional accreditation

Elevate your career by pursuing professional accreditation through CSciTeach, RSciTech, or RSci, unlocking new opportunities and recognition, validating your expertise, and establishing yourself as a distinguished professional in the field.

Expert-accredited resources

Leverage expert-accredited resources, developed by ASE and our expert-evaluated partners, to enrich your classroom instruction, providing students with high-quality educational materials and fostering effective learning experiences.