The Association for Science Education

Primary Memberships

The ASE is an organisation I joined to further my knowledge and involvement in Primary Science Education and through the ASE I have gained valuable knowledge, skills and made many new friends. - Lizzie Bottomley, Primary teacher and ASE member

The ASE offers several memberships for Primary Science Education professionals including -

  • Primary Teacher membership - £69 a year

  • Primary Trainee Teacher e-membership - £25 a year + one free day at Annual Conference (or £37 a year for print journals)

  • Primary Teaching Assistant membership - £37 a year  
  • Primary School membership (Print) - £101 per annum
  • Primary School e-membership - £79 (+VAT) per annum + full access to Primary upd8

Primary School e-membership 

Whole school online membership for just £79+VAT. Primary Schools can make significant savings on their membership by becoming e-members.This package gives all school staff membership rates at conferences and offers free access to the resource site Primary upd8 (normal rrp £120+VAT) packed with lesson plans and ideasAs an e-member all the benefits are available online, so both the Primary Science journal and Education in Science magazine are available electronically. Download Application Form.

How to join?

ASE offers individual membership and organisational level membership. 

Individual members can join online 

or to pay by cheque or direct debit download the ASE Membership Form

ASE Primary School e-membership is £79 + VAT and includes electronic copies of Primary Science and Education in Science and access to the resource site Primary upd8

Download Primary School e-Membership Form