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Professional Development

The Association has been a source of continuing formal, informal and incidental professional development throughout my career. I have admired it as an organisation which:
•  met many of my science professional development needs
•  offered opportunities to extend my skills
•  offered challenges which moved me along professionally
•  is maintained by enthusiasts who are volunteers
-Dennis Sutton, West of England Region Member and Honorary Member

Professional development is at the heart of ASE activity as a thriving community of science educators, who are passionate about science teaching and learning, and are actively engaged with their own professional development.

The ASE provides many opportunities for science educators, and schools, to continually develop their own professional expertise and competence in relation to professional knowledge, understanding and practice – and to be recognised for these activities through CSciTeach, RSci, RSciTech and Primary Science Quality Mark. These awards raise the profile of science teaching and learning, and for individuals, provide recognition of their expertise and commitment.