About Us

The Association for Science Education (ASE) is an active membership body that has been supporting all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education for over 100 years; members include teachers, technicians, teacher educators, researchers and others involved in science education.

We play a significant role in promoting excellence in teaching and learning of science in schools and colleges. Working closely with the science professional bodies, industry and business, we provide a UK-wide network bringing together individuals and organisations to share ideas and tackle challenges in science teaching, develop resources and foster high quality Continuing Professional Development.

We are a Registered Charity with a Royal Charter, owned by our members and independent of government. We seek to create a powerful voice for science education professionals in order to make a positive and influential difference to the teaching and learning of science throughout the UK and further afield.


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Who we are

Our Chair

The Chair is an elected representative of ASE members and the wider science education community

Our President

Professor Michael J Reiss is Professor of Science Education at UCL Institute of Education, Honorary Visiting Professor at the Universities of Leeds and York and the Royal Veterinary College, Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association and of the College of Teachers.

Education Group

The Education Group is made up of 30 members who advise the Charity on all aspects of science education.


Find out about the staff who support members with services and events


In addition to our Trustees and Education Group, ASE has several dedicated committees and specialist groups. Their expertise and experience informs ASE's work


Our Trustees have responsibility for ensuring that ASE works properly as a charity, that the finances are properly regulated and monitored and the appropriate policies are in place.

Get involved

Write for us

Our publications aim to share information and ideas that support effective practice in science education. 

Join a committee

Our work is led by our member community.

Host a TeachMeet

Our regional committees organise local events and meetings. Everyone is welcome.

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See who is involved in your region.

Work for us

Current Vacancies

Do you want to become a part of the ASE team? Find out more about our current vacancies. 

How we work

Our Governance

How ASE operates as a professional body, including governance information and our strategic plan.

Our Royal Charter

The Association was granted a Royal Charter on 13 October 2004 which states our mission to improve the teaching of science.

Our History

The Association for Science Education can trace its origins back to 1900, with the first Annual Meeting held in January 1901.

Our Policy Work

We represent the views of our members and the wider education community on a broad range of areas across science education.

Our Projects

Science on Stage UK

ASE organises the UK presence at this european-wide event. The next European Science on Stage festival will take place in Turku in August 2024.

Best Practice Guidance

ASE creates free and open access best practice documents to bring together important advice on key aspects of the teaching and learning of science.

Our partners