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Primary Science

Editor: Tara Lievesley

Primary Science (PS) is the journal for primary members of the ASE and is published five times a year. Primary Science aims to share information and ideas that support effective practice in science education focused at the primary school level through transition to early secondary education. 

It includes articles about teaching, learning and assessing science for all children in the 3 – 12 year age range. Topics covered include selecting, adapting and managing learning activities both within and outside the classroom, research findings, adaptations for children with special needs, health and safety, use of technology and other resources. 

Published: January / March / May / September / November
ISSN: 0269-2465

Primary Science - 139Primary Science - 139

Theme: STEM
This issue's theme is about everything 'STEM' and how to inspire learners to think and apply their learning in a real-world context, and their ability to be curious and ask questions about the world around them. Articles feature ideas for activities with different ages groups and how to link science with design and technology.


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