Keeping teachers in teaching with Science Teacher SOS

The Science Teacher SOS initiative began in 2017 when the Association for Science Education (ASE) noticed that a disproportionate number of new and experienced science teachers were leaving the profession. The Science Teacher SOS initiative is based around an online booklet that contains guiding questions, options and links for teachers who are considering leaving science teaching. In addition, there is a set of activities to help teachers assess why they are dissatisfied and suggestions for what changes they could make to help improve their job satisfaction.

The SOS booklet has had over 3,000 downloads so far and we have received positive feedback from the Department for Education and teaching unions. As a result of this the Gatsby Charitable Foundation have funded a further one-year project to evaluate the use and impact of the Science Teacher SOS approach - as a result we are looking for Science Departments to take part in our pilot of the Science Teacher SOS retention Project.

Science Teacher SOS

Support and guidance for science teachers

Supporting Resources

Science Teacher SOS: Thinking of leaving? Read this first...

This EiS article from the early stages of the SOS project outlines some key considerations for teachers who are thinking of leaving their science education career...

Science Teacher SOS: Our response to government retention scheme

ASE response to the government's 'early-career payment' teacher retention scheme which could grant early career teachers up to £9,000

Science Teacher SOS: Retention pilot project

Following the launch of our Science Teacher SOS campaign, we have recently secured funding to launch an in-school pilot of the Science Teacher SOS retention project