Annual Report and Accounts 2022-2023 published

Annual report and accounts front cover and inside page

This weekend, our AGM received our Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 2023, which our Trustees have now approved.

The report highlights progress against our strategy from 2020-2023, under the following key areas:

  1. Community: Expanding our reach, ensuring our offering is fit for purpose for both membership and the wider science education community
  2. Professional development: Supporting the professional learning journeys of all those in science education through the provision of CPD and educational resources
  3. Advocacy: Amplifying the voice of the science education community, drawting on expertise to advise stakeholders and decision-makers.
  4. Organisational sustainability: Ensuring operational excellence through effective governance, IT finance and human resources.

It also covers many of the highlights of the past year and is a celebration of the huge amount of work that our many volunteers and our wider membership community have achieved.


Helen Harden, Chair of ASE during 2022-3, says in her forward to the document:

“Traditionally an annual report is read as the closing chapter that tells of the year that has gone. This annual report may be better read as an opening chapter that sets the scene for future development of the association. A key theme for the year has been change. Not change for change’s sake but change to secure a future in which ASE not only survives but thrives.”