Secondary Resources

Welcome to the new-look ASE resources pages. Through this page you will be able to access a series of key resources created by the ASE that can either be deployed in a classroom scenario or enhance your professional development. Further down the page you will find links to our journals, which you will be able to access depending on what level of ASE membership you have, while below that is the search section that allow's you to filter through resources (ASE created, external and journal articles) according to age-group and subject. Please also note that digital resources marked with an (m) are available only to ASE members. 

BEST STEPS teaching resources

This brand new diagnostic resource - created by the team behind BEST - has been designed to help teachers of year 10-11 test post-lockdown student understanding of some key scientific concepts...

Good Practical Science – Making it happen

Resources published by the ASE to support decision making by departments that wish to improve the effectiveness of practical science teaching...

Secondary link directory

A selection of education resource links - originally collated to support home learning - curated by the ASE's 11-19 committee. (m) 

Keeping teachers in teaching with Science Teacher SOS

Keeping the best science educators in teaching is the aim of our retention-focused Science Teacher SOS programme

SLSG - Health and Safety

This newly update section of our long-running Science Leaders Survival Guide shares guidance on managing health and safety issues and teaching in your department. (m)

SLSG - Finances

This newly updated section of our long-running Science Leaders Survival Guide shares guidance on departmental finance issues. (m)

SEND resources collection

This collection of resources and videos shares best guidance and advice around teaching SEND students. (m)

Science Department Scenarios

Of particular use to science leaders, this collection of documents outlines a host of real-life department scenarios and how they might be dealt with. (m)

ASE digital CPD sessions

This collection of videos features recordings of online webinars and sessions aiming to help secondary teachers improve pedagogy. (m)

School Science Website

Our sister website - - provides free learning resources, information and news for science education worldwide.

ASE Best Practice Guidance documents

This series of best practice documents - collated by the ASE's Education Committee - brings together important advice on key aspects of the teaching science. (m)

Green Tick Evaluations

As a professional association, we support our members by creating useful expert evaluations of some of the latest resources and publications on the market.