ASE Asia Conference 2024 - reflections

ASE SE Asia Conference

Image courtesy of Bangkok Patana School

The ASE Asia Conference attracted 125 Science Educators from 37 international schools across seven different countries for two days of action packed learning and networking. We welcomed five highly qualified keynote speakers:

  • Professor Leigh Hoath (ASE UK)
  • Marianne Cutler (ASE UK)
  • Ruben Meerman (The Surfing Scientist, Australia)
  • Ian Stuart (Atomic Schools, Australia)
  • Jackie McKie (Philip Harris Technician Trainer, International)

In addition to the keynote speakers, science teachers from around the region offered workshops to share their passion and expertise for Science, including plenty of our Bangkok Patana School staff. Here are just some of the workshop titles that were on offer:

  • Sticky Atoms in the Primary Classroom
  • Purposeful Practicals
  • Environmental Science in an Urban Setting
  • AI Tools for Science Education
  • Health Literacy
  • Natural Building – How to Combine Science, Service and Sustainability
  • A Dialogical Approach to Evolution
  • The Language of Graphs in Science
  • Exploring Neuroscience Through Brain Dissection
  • The Helix Method of Heart Dissection
  • Using Liquid Nitrogen to Level Up Your Lessons

The feedback from the delegates who attended the above workshops was resoundingly positive:

“Really inspiring! I loved this session. I will definitely use the practical (making natural paints) in my science club. It was really interesting to see how maths could also be brought into the lesson. Fascinating stuff!”

“Excellent session!  I came away with some very practical ideas that I can use immediately.  It made me feel more confident with the use of Artificial Intelligence, especially how it can be used as a teaching aid.  I'm glad I made the last minute change to this session.”

“Interesting to hear what Patana Staff are doing and where you are currently at as a school regarding coaching. The activities worked well in the time and allowed small group discussion. I appreciated the presenters were always on hand to listen and prompt - true coaching!”

“This workshop was fantastic. I think it was likely the most useful workshop I attended and I could have spent another hour going through the work she has been doing with KS3 Science.”

“A helpful balance of presenting and discussion. Lots of food for thought and great to see our youngest learners being supported to become strong scientists and inquirers.”

Another highlight was the involvement of our fantastic Student Ambassadors. Our students not only supported as event crew, but also gave an inspiring opening address and offered their own workshop entitled, “Student-led Engagement to Build Science Capital” which focused on how participation in Science adjacent CAS (Creativity Action Service)/CAT (Community Action Team) projects and ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities), can help enrich their overall Science Education. Our students were the stars of the show!

The delegates were blown away by our students:

“The students spoke with such confidence, it was great to hear about the CAS work they have embarked upon on their own, and particularly inspirational to see they are all girls promoting science.”

“Fantastic workshop delivered by very confident students; I would love to implement some of this at my school.”

“Brilliant Student Ambassadors. They presented really well and were amazingly helpful when supporting workshops”

Some reflections from our Student Ambassadors:

“The opportunity to lead a workshop as a Student Ambassador at the ASE conference and share my experiences with fostering scientific curiosity through the Science Pioneers program was a great privilege, as well as having been able to gain unique insights about how other educators were doing the same at their own schools. I truly believe that this collective enthusiasm, and spirit of knowledge-sharing is essential to enhance science education.”  Trinity Y12.

“I feel extremely privileged to help out during the ASE conference for the second year in a row. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the practicals performed and discovering tips for teaching science. It was an inspiring experience and helped me appreciate the thought put into science lessons.”  Tanna, Y10.

“As a student, the conference was great for providing more of a glimpse into the professional academic side of science education! I also simply enjoyed discovering new ways to explore and study the sciences effectively, and appreciate the learning that teachers were able to do with each other.”  Katie, Y13.

“This conference has been an eye-opening experience into the world of science education. It’s inspiring to see how teachers from across Asia can meet in one school (ours!!) to learn from each other.” Alisa, Y10.

“The ASE conference gave us all a chance to learn about how much effort goes on behind the scenes of our Science education. I think everyone who attended learnt something about science, teaching and life!”  Dan, Y10.

The conference continues the collaboration between Bangkok Patana School, The Association for Science Education and Philip Harris / Findel International and was sponsored by Philip Harris, Charleston Scientific and Vernier.  Alongside these event partners, we hosted another five vendors as part of our Conference Trade Show.

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Bangkok Patana School who helped us host this very large Professional Learning event.