National Education Nature Park

Get your students involved in helping Nature Park Researchers tackle real-world problems

Do you want to include more climate change education in your teaching but you’re not sure where to start? 

Do you want to encourage young people to make small acts which will make a big impact on their local environment? 
Would you like some quick start resources with options for outdoor learning? 

With a free library of quality-assured resources which fit in with your curriculum your students could become habitat heroes, help real-word data scientists and make an impact on the environment. 

From story-telling, exploring your school site, collecting data, and careers there are resources to engage all your learners in  the National Education Nature Parks library of resources. With an initial suite of resources available online now, the Natural History Museum curriculum team is seeking feedback to inform continuous improvement ahead of the next academic year and beyond. 

Come and find out more about the resources, how they have been developed and plans for their future at our teacher forum on Monday 10th June 2024 at 4.30pm.   National Education Nature Parks would like to get your views on these resources so that your feedback can ensure that learning materials continue to be relevant to age-group, different settings and subject areas. 

Calling classroom teachers to join us for one hour at this session which will be led by the team from National Education Nature Parks. 

This event is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers. In particular they are interested in understanding the key mechanisms that will support teachers to embed climate and biodiversity related content from the Nature Park within their science schemes of work and what they can provide to facilitate that, as well as the ways the programme website is or is not fit for purpose to support science curriculum learning and how we can build on and improve it. 

Take a look at the website and come with ideas for improvements.