Technician Essentials

ASE technician membership provides a support network for technicians working in schools. Find out more about joining ASE.

Resources covering everything from health and safety, prep room and practical work guidance to professional development have been made available by ASE's expert technician committee. The Prep Room is a regular feature in our house magazine Education in Science


Hints and tips for working with glass from the Philip Harris resident expert. Support and advice for cutting glass tubing, glass bending and...
Philip Harris


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How to stay safe in the prep room and classroom.  This resource offers detailed look at topics including working with DNA and the use of...


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An important resource and guide for technicians working in education. This organiser brings together much of the information normally acquired by...
ASE Technicians Committee


Beth Jones and Simon Quinnell Technicians can lead an isolated existence, this scheme can enable them to share knowledge and skills through mutual

Thu, 01/01/2015