Saturday STEM Spectacular

21 November 2020
10:00 - 14:00

Come and participate in this fun and exciting online STEM event!

Event Type: 
Online event
11-19 Teachers
Early Career Teachers

The Saturday STEM Spectacular (organised by the ASE and Wolverhampton University) is an event aimed at people of all ages. The event will showcase many exciting STEM based activities for the very young to older people. It runs from 10-2pm on Saturday 21st November 2020 and is an online event. A Zoom link will be sent out to you a couple of days before the event. The sessions will be streamed on You Tube.

Final Running order

Running order AND Introduction from ASE and Wolverhampton University

Primary sessions

  • Teddy Goes camping and which teddies get wet? Dr Ruth Patchett, Science Outreach
  • Science on a shoestring-an exploration of how to challenge scientific thinking with simple, cheap easily resourced equipment Linda Atherton, Science Consultant
  • Maths and Science Jon Wood Science Outreach, University of Birmingham
  • Seeing Small stuff Dr Chris Hamlett, University of Birmingham
  • Crunchie Car batteries-separating materials and recycling. Dr Ruth Patchett, Science Outreach
  • Lab walk -an amazing laboratory with waste plastics, fermenters and bacteria Dr Iza Radecka and Dr Brian Johnston Wolverhampton University
  • Visitors from around the UK
  • Wales: Techniquest -The human body in two parts
  • N Ireland: Sentinus- A diver and an aeroplane wing-Gerard Hughes

15 minute break

Secondary sessions

  • The Human body explored-look inside the body and find out about interesting careers-Tom Warrender, Medical Mavericks.
  • Noctunal snakes Dr Simon Maddock, Wolverhampton University
  • Awesome Materials Dr Chris Hamlett, University of Birmingham
  • Animal mummies and Sarcophagi Dr Richard Johnson Swansea University
  • Physics and stuff Professor Fabrice Laussy, Wolverhampton University
  • Biomedical demo and “body tricks” Abbie Tutt, The Uni of Warwick

15 minute break


CHAIR Professor Nazira Karodia.

Panellists: Ellesse Janda, Primatologist; Professor Mark O’Shea, Herpetologist; Belinda Rich, Space materials scientist; Jack Sharp, Greenpeace, Scandinavia.