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Introducing our next Chair-Elect

20 July 2017

Introducing our next Chair-Elect

We are pleased to announce that Mary Whitehouse CSciTeach has been elected Chair of the Association.  

Mary Whitehouse is a physics teacher with experience in school and in university. She is a fellow of the Institute for Physics and the most recent recipient of the prestigious Lawrence Bragg Medal, recognising her national contribution to teaching and learning in physics. After teaching in both schools and college she is now a leading member of the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG); her research interest is the role of assessment in teaching and learning. Alongside work as a curriculum developer, she teaches the physics content of the University‚Äôs initial teacher-training course. She is a member of the ASE the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Committee and Chair of the International Group of the ASE.

You can follow Mary on twitter @MaryUYSEG

We also say farewell to Corrine Stevenson (ASE Chair 2015-16) whose 3 years as part of chair trio have emphasised the importance of raising the profile of science teachers and technicians, as well as access to quality CPD, through her work with our professional awards. We thank her for all her hard work and contribution on behalf of all ASE members.

About the role of Chair

Elected candidates remain part of the chair trio for three consecutive years. The roles are assumed from the 1st August each year.

  • Linda Needham will assume the role of Chair 2017-18 on the 1 August 2017
  • Chris Colclough will become Past Chair 
  • Mary Whitehouse will become Chair Elect

As an association, we rely on our members to provide representation of the science education community at all levels and to contribute to the Association's mission to improve the teaching of science, as set out by our Royal Charter. 

The position of Chair is confirmed by the Charity's Board of Trustees following a confirmation vote as per the rules of the Association.

You can find out more about ASE's Chair Trio and Election here.