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Major report envisages 20 year roadmap for science education

26 June 2014

Major report envisages 20 year roadmap for science education

The Association for Science Education (ASE) welcomes the Royal Society's Vision for Science and Mathematics Education report published today and fully supports the vision’s aims to raise the level of scientific and mathematical skills and knowledge in the UK.

The report, authored by scientists and teachers, sets out a 20 year roadmap to radically change the UK's education system in order to more closely align skills and learning with the needs of our future economy. The report calls for reforms including:

  • support for the professionalism of teachers through subject-specific professional development
  • requirement to study science until the age of 18 within a baccalaureate style framework
  • establishing an independent body to stabilise changes made to curriculum and assessment, with a focus on classroom innovation and saving teachers' time
  • requirement for all school and college teachers to work towards a suitable teaching qualification

Shaun Reason, ASE's Chief Executive, in a statement today comments, "We are pleased to see the presented holistic approach and are looking forward to working with the Royal Society, and our other partners in the science education community, to help to achieve this Vision. We are committed to playing our part.

As the professional association for all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education, we are particularly interested in the professional journey of teachers. We agree that the focus on raising the professional status of our current teaching force is critical, so that science teaching is seen as a highly regarded and rewarding career. This will lead to improvements in the recruitment and retention of science teachers and will ultimately have a positive impact on students’ learning and future scientific understanding and confidence of the general population."

Dame Alison Peacock, Head teacher at The Wroxham School, Hertfordshire and contributor to the report comments, “Teaching is a chronically undervalued profession in the UK. Our country’s future prosperity rests in teachers’ ability to inspire and guide our young people yet we don’t currently adequately recognise or reward them. More must be done to enhance the appeal of the profession to prospective teachers and support the important work of those already teaching.

The full report and recommendations made by the Royal Society are available to read here:

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