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Talking Leadership: The next Chair of ASE

17 March 2017

Chris Colclough

Do you want to make a difference and represent a large community of teachers and technicians? Are you dedicated to teaching science? Why not consider making a nomination for the Chair of the Association for Science Education?

Current ASE Chair 2016-17, Chris Colclough CSciTeach writes about her experience of this three-year commitment as Chair-Elect, Chair and Immediate-Past Chair. 

"As the current Chair, I was first approached to consider being nominated for this position at the ASE Annual Conference. At first I didn’t feel qualified for such a position. However, the then Chair and other members of the Education Group and committees spoke to me, outlining the role and emphasising the fact that I would be Chair-Elect for a year prior to taking up the Chair position. This would allow me to gain experience of the role by shadowing the current Chair and also working alongside the Past Chair.

It was only after these conversations that I realised that I had vast experience to bring to the role – over twenty years of secondary science teaching, ten years as a middle leader and four as a senior leader. I have also been actively involved in ASE at both regional and national levels for many years. 

This is a most engaging and rewarding experience. Please feel free to speak to any member of the Trustee Body, Chair-Elect, or Past Chair about this opportunity."

You can see the profiles and vision statements from a number of post-holders, past and present here. Linda Needham CsciTeach is Chair-Elect for 2017-18

Email and find out how to apply using the nomination form.

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