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Members' Update: Changes to the rules of the Association

2 December 2017

The Rules of the Association is an important document outlining the rights of members and the appointment and election of representatives to both regional and national committees. The Rules sit alongside our Royal Charter, Operating Procedures and Strategic Plan to hold the Association accountable to our members, continue to meet our charitable objectives and ensures that we operate effectively within the framework we have set out.
Our Trustees have proposed the following changes to the rules of the Association. These are published ahead of the Annual General Meeting at the ASE Annual Conference.  

The main changes are:

  • The use of the new titles “Trustee Body” and “Education Group”
  • The inclusion of the Quality and Audit committee in para. 16
  • An updated list of items in the AGM agenda to match current practice
  • The inclusion of the full list of registers in paragraphs 47d and 47e.

The Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Saturday 6th January 6, 2018 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Central Teaching Hub (CTH), Room C, University of Liverpool

Update written by Dennis Sutton on behalf of the Quality and Audit Committee

Notes on the proposed update of the Rules of the Association 

Terminology changes

“Trustee Body" substituted for “Council”

“Education Group” substituted for “Assembly”. 

Other substitutions and changes

Para 16. Final paragraph  “ and a representative of the Quality and Audit Committee ”  has been added

Para 23b.    “Special Interest Group” has been inserted

Para 28d     Replaced “sent to” with “made available to”.

Para 29.      The agenda has been updated to match current practice. 

Para 23c     All committees, working groups and special interest groups shall keep within their terms of reference and shall not publish anything purporting to be Association policy without the prior approval of the Trustee Body.   Added “or their approved representative”. 

Para 47d   Added  “This register includes Registered Scientists, Chartered Science Teachers and Registered Science Technicians. 

Para 47e.  Modified to “The Trustee Body shall agree and safeguard standards for admission to the Chartered Science Teacher, Registered Scientist and Registered Technician registers.