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Cultural Understanding

Do you need ideas and resources to help you teach one of the new Key Concepts (Cultural Understanding) in the Key Stage 3 Programme of Study for Science?

Cultural  Understanding is recognising that modern science has its roots in many different societies and cultures, and draws on a variety of valid approaches to scientific practice.

ASE has been working with the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation and with support from QCA to develop, trial and evaluate teaching materials to help teachers with this challenging part of the Programme of Study. Over recent years, the partnership has produced resources entitled City 1250, 1001 Inventions, and is currently working on How Do Ideas Travel? in partnership also with The Historical Association.

Downloadable City 1250 Student worksheets*

Colour PDFsBlack & White PDFs
1a. Paper and Pen  1a Paper & Pen - Black & White 
1b. InkJet Printers    1b. Inkjet printers - Black & White
2a. Compass 2a. Compass - Black & White
2b. SatNav  2b. SatNav - Black & White
3a. Keeping Clean (1) 3a. Keeping Clean (1) - Black & White
3b. Keeping Clean (2) 3b. Keeping Clean (2) - Black & White
4a. Diamond  4a. Diamond - Black & White
4b. Genuine Gems 4b. Genuine Gems - Black & White
5a. Clean Air (1) 5a. Clean Air (1) - Black & White
5b. Clean Air (2) 5b. Clean Air (2) - Black & White
6a. Moon  6a. Moon - Black & White
6b. Universe  6b. Universe - Black & White
7a. Winning Smile 7a. Winning Smile - Black & White
7b. Toothpaste 7b. Toothpaste - Black & White
8a. Pharmacy (1) 8a. Pharmacy (1) - Black & White 
8a. Pharmacy (2)  8a. Pharmacy (2) - Black & White

*NB click on the Black & White Links for PDF's suitable for non-colour printers

Have a look at the 1001 Inventions project for downloadable teaching resources and information on wider aspects of the Muslim historical development of science.

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