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It makes you think

It Makes You Think is one outcome of the ASE’s three year Global Dimension to Science project which was developed in partnership with Tide global learning and funded by the Department for International Development. The website provides resources and lessons on ten topics which illustrate science in a variety of global dimensions. The topics include clinical trials, mobile phones and world fisheries.

These resources were developed by teachers involved in the project, together with professionals from curriculum development, initial teacher education, development education and international NGOs.

An accompanying It Makes You Think booklet, produced by Tide global learning in partnership with ASE, describes the rationale for the project and places the ten topics within wider global contexts. The booklet will be available to download here, during Autumn 2009. Paper copies of the booklet will be available from Tide global learning 

It is anticipated that the It Makes You Think booklet and these online resources will together provide stimulus for professional development as well as up-to-date materials for teaching and learning.

It Makes You Think can help you fulfil the spirit of the recent curriculum changes at KS3 and KS4, so that science education contributes to sustainable schools, as well as global awareness and citizenship.

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