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Exam Boards Further Guidance

We have collated together further guidances issued by Exam Boards in relation to the teaching of mathematics in science.

Find out more about The Language of Mathematics in Science: A Guide for Teachers of 11-16 Science

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The transfer of mathematics skills to other subjects has been a challenge for students and teachers alike for many years. In the new science GCSEs, the importance of mathematics is greater than before and this transference of skills is increasingly important. It is not only students who struggle with this – many teachers are faced with the dilemma of how to effectively teach the mathematics, and apply the principles in a scientific context, in a way which is accessible and familiar to their students.

The guide we are developing acts as a starting point for teachers, modelling an approach which can be added to and developed by departments in collaboration with their mathematics department. We hope our guide will act as a complementary resource for the guidance produced through ASE's Language of Mathematics in Science project, which we are pleased to support. Find out more here.

Exam Board - Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel

The new mathematics requirements in science GCSE examinations certainly present a challenge to both teachers and learners. We are very supportive of the aims of ASE’s ‘Language of Mathematics in Science’ project in seeking to provide clarity on mathematics at 11-16 and to support linkage with mathematics used in a science context. As further Edexcel support, we produced our Guide to Mathematics for Scientists to give guidance for science teachers on mathematics pedagogy, terminology, demand, and inconsistencies with science.

Download Edexcel's Guide to Mathematics for Scientists



Eduqas are very supportive of the aims of the ASE's Language of Mathematics in Science project in seeking to provide clarity on mathematics at 11-16 and to support effective linking of mathematics with mathematics in a science context. Please keep up-to-date with resources produced by Eduqas to support the teaching of the new GCSE Science qualifications by viewing our website.

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OCR is supportive of ASE's Language of Mathematics in Science project. At OCR we have created a MathsSkills handbook for GCSE, this document can be used by mathematics or science teachers and bridges the gap between what they learn in mathematics and the application of these skills in science. It also contains questions so pupils can test their ability to use the mathematics skills at the end of each chapter. On top of this we are going to create more resources that contain questions that focus on the mathematical skills in science to give pupils lots of practice these skills in the lead up to the exams. All resources will be available on the OCR website here