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As an organisation, the ASE regularly fields requests for expert advice/consultancy on issues across the entire spectrum of science education - particularly around Continuing Professional Development - and it is from the ASE Futures Group that much of this knowledge is drawn from. The ASE Futures Group is the natural home for those involved in teachers’ professional learning, members include education consultants, local authority staff, school heads of science and MAT leaders responsible for CPD. This expert group provides support and voice for continuing professional development and initial teacher education, fostering high quality professional learning for future generations of science teachers at all levels of education.

To help get you get directly to the expertise you are looking for, we have created this directory of ASE Futures members and the expertise/services they offer - searchable by location, specialisms and professional accreditation. While the ASE is unable to offer guarantees about the services or conduct of any invidual listed below, each is part of a peer-led community of experts dedicated to supporting excellence in science education.From CPD specialists to primary curriculum consultants, assessment experts to health and safety advisors, we are sure you will be able to find the particular expertise and assistance you're looking among the consultants listed below...

Senior Lecturer in Education
Teacher Education
Head of Schools and Community Engagement at Centre for Life, Newcastle
Dr (Re)Search
Primary Science Specialist
Primary, Teacher Education, Professional Development, STEM
Science and Computing Consultant / Lecturer
Primary, Teacher Education
Square 2 Learning
Primary, Secondary, Professional Development, STEM
Secondary, Teacher Education, Professional Development
Subject Leader & Education Consultant
The Association for Science Education
Secondary, Professional Development
AKC Educational Consultancy
Secondary, Teacher Education, Professional Development, STEM
Primary Science Professional Learning
Primary Science Geeks
Primary STEM Education Consultancy
Primary, STEM
Primary Science and Outdoor Learning Consultant
Spring Learning
Primary, Teacher Education, Professional Development