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Primary Science number 2018

Number 2018 - March 2018

Contents Article
2 ASE and Contents
4 Introduction to the TAPS special issue

Sarah Earle

Sarah Earle introduces TAPS and this special issue of Primary Science.

5 Teacher assessment in Wales - the TAPS Cymru Project

Bethan Jones, Ruth Coakley, Lisa Fenn, Sarah Earle and Dan Davies

Bethan Jones, Ruth Coakley, Lisa Fenn, Sarah Earle and Dan Davies show the versatility of the TAPS project and how it can be aligned with more than the National Curriculum for England.

8 The TAPS pyramid: where, who and how?

Isabel Hopwood-Stephens

Isabel Hopwood-Stephens outlines the success of TAPS through the exploration of their data.

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11 Making more effective use of moderation

Pauline Rodger

Pauline Rodger from Holt Primary School discusses how moderation of working scientifically is developing in her school.

13 Supporting staff to develop a shared understanding of science assessment

Carol Sampey

Carol Sampey outlines how science and assessment can be brought together effectively through highlighting developments at Shaw Primary.

15 Assessment of working scientifically – the TAPS Focused Assessment approach

Kendra McMahon

Kendra McMahon explains what Focused Assessments are and why they are effective for both teachers and learners.

17 Using TAPS Focused Assessments as part of our teacher assessment approach

Kerry-Anne Barber

Kerry-Anne Barber looks at the Focused Assessments in action and her experience of them being translated into practice.

19 Supporting the teaching and assessment of working scientifically

James Mepsted

James Mepsted considers a range of strategies that help to support the teaching of working scientifically within schools and lead to effective assessment.

21 Supporting transition

Asima Qureshi and James Petrucco

Asima Qureshi and James Petrucco offer ideas around supporting the transitions between year groups and stages of schooling.

23 TAPS for pupils

Sarah Earle

Sarah Earle pulls together this special issue and shows that TAPS is not just for teachers, but also for the learners through the voices of Science Subject Leaders...

24 News from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT)