The ASE coronavirus hub

Welcome to the ASE's special coronavirus resources portal - a collection of resources and links designed to assist our members, the science education community at large and the general public over the coming weeks and months. We see this as a living, growing resource, so do please return and share with your friends and colleagues...

As a professional community dedicated to supporting excellence in science teaching and learning, we are determined to do whatever we can to support people over the coming weeks and months. On this page, you will find both a collection of materials created specifically by us that we hope may be of assistance during the current health crisis and a directory of links to assets and resources created by others that we feel support our goal of promoting excellence in science education. 

In addition, if you have either produced or discovered a resource that you feel would add to this collection, please don't hesitate to let us know either by email us via or by tweeting the resource to us @TheASE or by using the #ASEchat hashtag.


Our own articles and content

Official ASE response to impending indefinite closure of all UK schools


Guidance for teachers on how to handle coronavirus anxiety


Directory Of Resources

Section A - Teachers delivering lessons/support remotely

The resources in this section are aimed at teachers and other science educators who wish to provide support, resources and activities for their students...

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  1. 10 ways to teach and learn while school’s closed
    Royal Society of Chemistry
    A series of tips on how to naviagte the prospect of teaching from home.
  2. Explorify
    An award-winning selection of primary-focused resources on numerous science-based subjects from ASE friends Explorify (free sign-up)
  3. Science Fun At Home
    Primary Science Teaching Trust
    The Primary Science Teaching Trust is working with Science Sparks to create activities for children to have some fun with science at home. A new Science Fun at Home will be available every Wednesday.
  4. Technology Partner Resources for Distance Learning during COVID-19
    A collated series of links to guides and tools offered free-of-charge by Google partners
  5. Flashy Science
    Flashy Science
    A website, supported by the University Of Sheffield, that offers a series of virtual experiments that "allow you to explore physics and engineering, and refine your scientific skills in an interactive environment."
  6. The Science Geeks
    Welcome to the world of science geeks! Informative revision videos galore for science fans young and old alike! Spread the word of the geeks!
  7. How to support your students’ learning remotely
    Collaborat -ED
    Another selection of tips and advice on teaching remotely
  8. Supporting schools during COVID-19
    Institute Of Physics
    The IOP's impressive collection of educational resources is currently being repurposed to focus on learning from home
  9. Endeavour
    Kew Gardens
    The digital learning platform of the world's pre-eminent botanical gardens has a wealth of key-stage categorised resources (registration required)
  10. GCSEPod School Closures Offer
    GCSEPod (Commercial)
    Online education portal GCSEPod - recently awarded ASE Green tick accreditation - are waiving their subscription fees for the duration of school closures for new subscribers 
  11. Atomic School
    Ian Stuart
    While the coronavirus may have put paid to Ian Stuart appearing at our East Asia conference in February, his website has a wealth of resources and free lessons tackling the atomic theory (for seven-year-olds!)
  12. 10 nature activities for kids if you're self-isolating at home
    The Woodland Trust
    The Woodland Trust has pulled together some simple, nature-based activities you can enjoy together at home or in your garden.
  13. Practical Action
    The international development organisation has a schools hub featuring an expansive list of activities and worksheets that could potentially be adapted for a remote-educator situation 
  14. Primrose Kitten
    Youtube Channel
    An overwhelmingly comprehensive (in a good way) collection of Science and Maths video assets created/curated by a passionate London science teacher. The videos are free, and there is also a collection of paid-for guides and content on the Primrose Kitten website
  15. GCSEPhysics Online
    Youtube Channel
    Another hugely impressive YouTube offering - this time from physics teacher Lewis Matheson, who will be holding daily GCSE and A level physics lessons at 10am (with a wealth of supporting assets and worksheets also available). Like Primrose Kitten, Lewis also has a website which features even more subject specific video content (subscription fee). 
  16. TeachIt Science Free Subscription
    TeachIt (Commercial)
    The company beinhd this impressive collection of KS3-4 Biology, Chemistry and Physics resources are generously offering free membership - with download access to its adaptable Word documents, PowerPoints, Whiteboard activities and scheme of work planner - until the end of April
  17. Key Stage 3 science SLOP work
    Tom Grafton (science teacher)
    A collection of science teacher assets shared via OneDrive
  18. GCSE Home School Activities
    David Chalk (science teacher)
    Another fantasic collection of GCSE resources generously shared via Google Drive by Twitter user @teacherchalky1
  19. School Closure Resources
    Gemma Singleton (Science teacher)
    This time it's a set of in-school resources kindly shared with the educator community none other than the RSB's reigning teacher of the year @MrsSingleton

Section B - Science activities to do at home

Section B is for those at home with children and who wish to provide activities of a scientific nature...

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  1. ExpeRimental
    The Royal Institution
    A series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments at home with your children.
  2. What's in my tray - Science
    Gratnells (Commercial)
    A fantastic selection of simple experiments and activities (many of which can be done at home) brought to you by leading science education equipment provider Gratnells - a long-standing friend of the association any ASE conference attendee will be more than familiar with!
  3. Kitchen Science - Guest Post by Dr Jo Science Solutions
    The World Is Their Classroom (blog)
    A serties of fun and thought-provoking ideas for a guest blog post put together by qualified teacher and research scientist (and ASE member!) Jo Montgomery
  4. Youth STEM Matters
    Youth STEM 2030
    Youth STEM Matters creates a platform for young people to share their research, ideas and innovations with the world, by allowing them to get their scientific project work published in a peer reviewed journal! Get involved by writing and submitting a STEM article or project, or, if you want to gain new skills and volunteer from home, join their team of volunteers!
  5. #ScienceFromHome
    A hashtag created by primary science specialist Dr Sarah Bearchell that is quickly gaining traction on Twitter
  6. Introductions to global change topics
    Aspen Global Change Science And Solutions
    For anyone looking for science content for learning at home, AGCI's education page offers introductions to global change topics, with journal activities for further thought
  7. EcounterEdu
    A one-stop-shop for teachers, parents and students to explore distance learning through free live lessons, downloadable curriculum-aligned resources, STEAM activities, subject updates and multimedia.
  8. The Science Museum
    Google Stories Collection
    As an alternative to the excellent main Science Museum website, this curated collection of online exhibits brings together digital assets to tell the stories of a series of exhibits based in the main museum,
  9. Chester Zoo Learning Resources
    Chester Zoo
    The fantastic education team at Chester Zoo have pulled together a comprehensive list of digital and at-home resources
  10. Science Sparks
    An excellent blog dedicated to helping even very young children enjoy science at home with super a lis of simple science activities - many of which have been featured in the ASE Primary Science journal. 
  11. Stop The Spread
    CREST Discovery Awards
    A project to teach children to design and build a handwashing device for a school in Kenya - initially released as part of the Discovery Awards (you'll find links to more resources on that page too)
  12.  British Science Week packs
    British Science Association
    A series of three age-group specfic general science packs featuring ideas and activities based on the theme "Our Diverse Planet".
  13. Mathschase
    A collection of simple, customisable maths learning games which children can play at home - geared very much towards early years primary.
  14. The Linnean Society at Home
    The Linnean Society
    A hub page featuring a wealth of activities and information on biological science
  15. Zooniverse
    "the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research," Zooniverse is website for crowd citizen science projects - where researchers ask the general public to assist them in gathering data.
  16. Corona Help
    The Curiosity Box
    A curated collection of Coronavirus-specific content such as videos and Q&As brought together by science resource suppliers The Curiosity Box
    Another collection of videos - this time curated by physics teacher (and ASE member) Maria Kettle. No clues as to what the subject matter might focus on :-)
  18. Scitunes
    Developed by science teacher Jonny Berliner in conjunction with the Stephen Hawking foundation, this website features five brilliant music videos covering key stage 4 Physics, along with downloadable worksheets to.
  19.  SchoolPhysics
    With over 3,000 pages, this website created by long-term ASE member Keith Gibbs offers simple explanations and diagrams covering a wealth of key physics concepts, categorised by pupil age.

Section C - Teacher, Student Teacher and Technician CPD

Section C is to support our community with their professional development during the coronavirus pandemic ...

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  1. Guides to support schools
    An absolutely essential collection of three key guides (and a wealth of resources) that every science educator should familiarise themselves with 
    YouTube - SSERC
    An incredibly useful series of video guides created by the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre
  3. Free courses for teachers and student teachers
    The Open University
    A selection of free, short Open University courses aimed at supporting initial teacher education, teacher professional development and classroom practice
  4. Whats in my tray - CPD Workshops
    Gratnells (commercial)
    Always one of the most popular strands at the ASE annual conference, Science Ed equipment provider Gratnells have pulled together many of assets from their various workshops at recent ASE events (with this year's Reading content coming soon)